The film industry in 2015

They started shooting on a blank portion in the business part of the city. Hollywood is part of Los Angeles and has its own municipality, but chooses official chamber of Commerce, which acts on the official ceremonies as the honorary "mayor of Hollywood". He wanted to sell to local ownership among the lemon ranches, which then ran along the hill. It has greatly reduced the travel time to Los Angeles and back. The third step took place in 1877.

Film production in the Los Angeles preceded the film industry in Hollywood. Heroes of popular films and actors, their playing, often become famous, and their images are recognizable. 1870 in this area flourished agriculture and the cultivation of grain.

Ocean View Tract. Now a derelict site on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Serrano Avenue was once a brilliant Hollywood Professional School, the graduates of which can be considered local "names" in the list of "who's Who" in Hollywood. The name "tinsel town" (eng. Popular in Hollywood etymology says that the name "Hollywood" is derived from the rich stocks of native Toyon or "California Holly", which cover the slopes of the clusters of berries each winter. Scientist Joseph Plateau was engaged in the decomposition of the motion into phases (e.g., movement of a person). The first step to cinema was made in 1685 when he invented the "magic lantern" — camera obscura. It has greatly reduced the travel time to Los Angeles and back. A single-track streetcar line ran down the middle of Prospect Avenue, but service was infrequent and the trip took two hours. The status of the city had a clause prohibiting the sale of liquor except by pharmacists, as well as a provision forbidding to chase cattle, herds of more than two hundred.